Every year, Founder’s Day is a big celebration in the School and many events take place. It is held on Sharad Purnima day – full moon night in October. The functions generally extend to four/five days. Every year we call a Chief Guest who has contributed to the social cause in India. We also have one evening dedicated to some performing art where we call an artist of national fame to perform before our children. There is one evening for Literary Seminar. A subject is chosen and someone from that field has a discussion with our children in equal participation. Over the years, this has become a major platform for our children to ask questions and get replies from some celebrity. During this period, our students put up many exhibitions of what they have learnt during the year. We have Science exhibition, arts and crafts exhibition and also paintings exhibition. The Science exhibition particularly is of very high calibre where children make projects and demonstrate different skills. Also, during Founder’s Day, the School organises Kitab Mela, about which you will read separately. The highlight of this function is the variety entertainment programme put up by children. You can actually see dances from different parts of India or even from some other country, plays enacted by students and instrumental and vocal classical music performed by students. On this occasion, students are given prizes for their year round achievements, for doing well in studies and our teachers are also felicitated for their outstanding contribution to our cause. In short, this is a grand celebration and everyone associated with the School waits for it and wants to be a part of it.

Over the years, many celebrities from different fields and different parts of India have visited our School and interacted with our students. Our children have, every time, come out richer and more knowledgeable. It is always our endeavor to call prominent citizens to address our children. Our Guests, who have come so far to the School, have been chosen from different fields. They came to our school and spoke to our students and teachers and we all were richer by the experience. Some of the Guests who have visited the school include:

1. PROFESSOR YASHPAL : Eminent physicist and former chairman of University Grants Commission.

2. SMT. ARUNA ROY : The famous and strong social worker and winner of the Magsaysay Award.

3 . SHRI RAJENDRA YADAV : Hindi writer and one of the pillars of modern Hindi literature. Editor of the monthly magazines “HANS”.

4. FATHER JOE PERIERA : A well known Christian Priest who is deeply into yoga and runs 32 de-addiction centers all over the country.

5. SMT. MANNOO BHANDARI : Eminent Hindi writer.

6. SHRI. LAXMAN GAEKWAD : Social Activist fighting for the rights of Banjaras.

7. DR. S.S. ANTARKAR : Head of Department Philosophy and Jainology , University of Mumbai.

8. DR. HABIB TANVEER : Noted Theatre personality

9. SMT. SUDHA ARORA : Film and Documentary Film maker.

10. QAWWAL SABRI BROTHERS : World famous Qawwals

11. SHRI SHERJANG GARG : Prominent Hindi writer and Critic.

12. SHRI ANWAR JAMAL : Film and Documentary Film maker.

13. SHRI. VIKAS NARAYAN RAI : IG Police and Hindi writer from UP

14. SHRI. J.S.VERMA : Ex-Chief Justice of India

15. SMT. AMRITA RAI : News Reader from NDTV India

16. SHRI. ANAND PRADHAN : Writer / Journalist / Professor at Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC)

17. SHRI ARVIND GAUR - The famous theatre personality and director.

18. Ms. RASHI BUNNY - Famous activist and theatre actor

19. SMT. ARTI ANKLIKAR-TIKEKAR -Noted classical vocalist

20. MS RACHANA YADAV - Classical Kathak dance of international repute.

21. GUNDECHA BROTHERS - Famous classical dhrupad singers

22. SHRI BAHAUDDIN DAGAR - Famous classical Veena player

23. MS MAHUA MUKHERJEE - Famous classical gaudiya dancer from Bengal

24. Air Vice Marshall Shri Souvik Roy

School celebrates New Year eve in the evening of Dec 31 every year. There is a cultural programme followed by fireworks on the campus. There is a dinner also for the staff members with families from the Management. With years, this has become a well-awaited evening and the students as well as teachers look forward to it.

Every alternate year, during the Founder’s Day celebrations, School organises a Kitab Mela (Book Fair) on our campus. Many publishers from Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Indore etc come and show their books in their booths which we provide. The School organises this only in order to make books available to the people of this region – where there no book shops. We do not charge anything for giving booths to publishers, their representatives’ stay on our campus free and we even give them travel expenses from their city to Bhanpura and back. And not only that, almost everyone who buys books, gets free gifts by lucky draw. We have been holding this Kitab Mela since 1999 every year.

Ours is probably the only school in India which holds an annual cultural festival like Chaiti.
We have always believed and laid a lot of emphasis on sports and cultural activities apart from the main academics. For a complete and balanced growth of a child, these three things are very important. In our school, we have large playgrounds and children learn to play outdoor games like cricket, football, throw ball, volley ball, basket ball, badminton etc and indoor games like chess, table tennis, carom etc. We have full time dedicated teachers who help the students in these games. On the other hand, we have teachers who train our children in instrumental and vocal music, drawing and painting, wood work, yoga etc. Many teachers teach different kinds of dances to the students. Our everyday morning assembly begins with a classical raag – and Chaiti is just an extension of all these activities.
Chaiti is held every year in end of March, after all the exams are over and before children embark on the studies for the new session. It is a week long festival. During this period, there are no regular classes for the students. We call experts from around the country to teach something extra, something special to our children – We hold workshops on varied subjects such as : - Music
- Judo and Karate
- Roller Skating
- Various forms of Dances
- Yoga
- Computers / Website Making
- Creative Writing
- Handicrafts and Mural Making
- Painting and Drawing
- Batik Printing on textiles or leather crafts, etc
- Sports

All these are taught in the week long workshops. Every evening we have national and international level artists perform for our children. These are classical music and dance, theatre, and anything that the children will carry with them all their life. During Chaiti, we have had some of the top artists of country come and perform on our school stage. We have always emphasized to our students that these arts are our heritage, our culture and we must preserve them for the future generations. No wonder, our children sit through an hour long classical music concert or a longer classical dance performance.

In India, many universities or colleges have cultural festivals but we do not think any school has such a festival of this magnitude and grandeur. We take pride in holding this.

"Our school started in 1992 and so in 2017, the school celebrated it's Silver Jubilee year ! The celebrations started in March 2017 along with Grand Chaiti cerebration. The school built a big Hall for all it's activities to coincide with the Silver Jubilee function. An exhibition was put up to showcase the 25 years of the school and it's full history. Many old students visited the school and were all given momentos. Chaiti was of nine evenings and every evening saw a very special programme. Many old students participated in Chaiti."