I believe that the whole world is going through a big change and transition and more so with the so called developing countries, like India. We are right now in the cusp- from the stage of developing society. There is a big change in overall scene in every field and all this affects the younger population more- who are exposed to the media from all around the world.

I particularly think of the students and the wide exposure they get through internet, social media, mobile usage and print and electronic media. The good thing about all this is that young small towns and villages- are getting the same information about the world. There is not difference between a child learning in Delhi or Indore or Bhanpura. The only difference is how each one perceives the information, accepts it and analyzes it.

I know that there is an abundance of information available –some good and some not so good. I am of the opinion that our school children in Bhanpura are very fortunate that out of innocence or out of sheer indifference, they do not accept and adopt all the information they are exposed to. I am personally very happy at this because they still remind me of the old world charm and the simplicity and innocence of the era gone by.