We have a big hostel on our campus which can house more than 100 boys. Recently we have also started a small hostel for girls as many parents wanted their girls to come and stay on our campus. We have dormitories in the hostel and separate prep rooms (study rooms). A very well-equipped mess is attached for the hostel children.

It seems, in most of the schools in cities, the concept of having a library of its own is not profitable – as they work only for money and profit ! They don’t have space and the inclination to provide their students this educative facility. Our School has a big library with more than 8000 books, subscribes to 30 national and international magazines/periodicals. Plus we also have a multi-media wing with three computers and a bank of more than 200 CDs/ DVDs for our children.

The school has many labs. For the benefit of our students, we have labs for all the science subjects : Physics, Chemistry and Biology. School also has a big computer lab with 40 computers and flat screen LCD monitors. Apart from these, we have Science Club, Maths Lab, Geography lab and and an English Lounge.

The School has taken franchise from a well known Education Corporation whereby we can teach our students with the help of computer, projector and a special Black Board. School has been provided capsules for every chapter of every subject which are taught. Anything taught this way has a long lasting effect on children and the mind retains it for many many years.

We have our own projector and a big screen and we show to our students highly educative and inspiring movies regularly on our campus. We have a big collection of our own DVDs.

The school has ten buses of its own. We do not have to depend on any outside source for buses. School also has cars and a mini bus for facilitating the movements of students, faculty and the guests.