The School has a faculty of about 65 teachers; most of them live on the campus in the free apartments provided by the School. The atmosphere on the campus is like that of a large family. The school regularly holds workshops for teachers so that they can keep up with the changes in the field of education the World over. We also have an annual “Workshop for Educators” on our campus when experts from outside come and interact with our teachers for three days. We also invite teachers from other schools in the region who would like to take the advantage of this. We send our Principal for any special programs in order to upgrade him and thus the school. We have been sending him to I. I. M., Ahmedabad for a special Principals’ workshop.

Special Faculty

The School has full time teachers for teaching Drawing and Painting, Yoga, wood-work, instrumental music, vocal music and light music. We are also planning to add Ayurved also as an extra subject with a full time faculty for it.