Well Wishers and Donors

The founders of our School are not big industrialists or big political leaders. Mr. Bhandari has been an educationist all his life and Mr Saklecha has been a small businessman. To manage such a big institute and fund it regularly has been possible only with the help of many well-wishers and donors. Over the years, many friends in India and overseas have got associated with the School and have become a source of strength for us. We look upon them whenever we need anything. It is because of such a support that we, at School, have been able to achieve whatever we intended to and never had to stop any project for want of funds. But, having said that, we are always looking for more financial help from everyone, big or small, for this is a never-ending work. Please help us with whatever amount you can!!

Sponsoring a student -

In our School we get students from 14 surrounding villages and the School has ten buses of its own for bringing them over. Most of the children are from farming families or from small traders’ families. Many of them are so poor that they are unable to pay their full tuition fees. For them, we find sponsors who pay their annual tuition fees thereby helping them get educated in a good institute. At present, if anyone gives us Rs 20,000 or US$ 300.00, he/she is able to sponsor a child’s full year’s tuition fees.

For sponsors in India, please make a cheque in favour of “Smt. Kamala Saklecha Gyan Mandir” and post it to:
Sharad Saklecha
317 Creative Industrial Estate
N.M.Joshi Marg,
Mumbai 400011
Tel: (022) 2309-7600

For Sponsors in USA, please make the check in favor “Smt. Kamala Saklecha Gyan Mandir” and mail it to:
Mr Dharmendra Jain
R. R. Accounting & Tax services Inc
2376 Saint Georges Ave
Rahway, NJ 07065
Please come forward and help these needy and deserving children today.